Today I came across a piece of news which further confirms some deeply disturbing trends in the Canadian political scene. I am reposting this article, because, it seems one small last-ditch effort, not so much to stave off the onslaught of barbarism, but at least to keep the awareness alive of what is happening .  Have we really learned nothing from history? 

Immigration bill’s impact cause for concern

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Jason Kenney
If the government’s proposed new immigration law passes, it might turn away legitimate asylum-seekers fleeing persecution, including Jews, immigration experts and community activists say.
Bill C-31 – titled Protecting Canada’s Immigration System Act – is being considered in the House of Commons, and its sponsor, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Jason Kenney, has said he wants the bill passed by June 29, before Parliament adjourns for the summer.
Detractors such as the Canadian Civil Liberties Union and the Canadian Association of Refugee Lawyers, among others, say that provisions in C-31, including the proposed creation of a list of designated “safe” countries of origin, give too much power to ministers and don’t give refugees enough time to establish their cases before Canada’s Immigration Refugee Board (IRB).  
-Originally posted at Canadian Jewish News  
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